Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Episode 31 : Artist v.

The Artist goes on a quest! New friends will be made, old friends will be remembered and adventure waits at each turn. The journey begins here. Will you answer the Call of Duty MW2? (23:34)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Episode 30 : Sensory Deprivation - Update 6

I liked it better when I didn't have to do any of this; just talk on the phone and drive a car. Yes... the Scientist is in a tank. (4:28)

Episode 29 : Sensory Deprivation - Update 5

The Scientist is still senseless in the sensory deprivation chamber. Is anyone watching the clock? (2:17)

Episode 28 : Sensory Deprivation - Update 4

When's it my turn? Scientist is still in the soup. (4:38)

Episode 27 : Sensory Deprivation - Update 3

Now that my tyrannical podcasting overlord is out of the picture, let me tell you about the horrific conditions in which I am forced to perform. I get no food or body breaks. He makes me watch Fall Guy reruns on a loop. Please contact the authorities! (2:59)

Episode 26 : Sensory Deprivation - Update 2

Hey, Scientist is in some water and I'm in another state. Here's update number two. (7:19)

Episode 25 : Sensory Deprivation - Update 1

So... we have Scientist in a tank - in total isolation. Finally I have the helm of the broadcast all to myself. I will be posting updates on Scientist's condition throughout the day. Be advised. (10:52)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Episode 24 : Paratus Et Potens

Stop what you are doing immediately! Before you waste anymore semen you must listen to this episode. (23:58)

Plus, stay tuned for live audio updates from the Sensory Deprivation Chamber this Friday!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Episode 23 : Lord of the Synthe

The first episode of a new year. Look at you! Vacation has made you soft and flabby. You get what you pay for. (12:04)